Walking into a luxurious hotel room can be the beginning of a perfect vacation, honeymoon, or business getaway.

Getting out of the marble shower and realizing your towel is a scratchy thread worn mess takes a lot of that perfection away.

There’s nothing that makes you feel less pampered than a stained and stiff towel in your hotel bathroom. In fact, 94% of hotel patrons ranked towels as a top priority in their overall satisfaction in a hotel.

So, as a hotelier, how do you give your patrons a soft fluffy towel every time while also making sure each towel is properly sanitized?

Heavy bleaching is required in the hospitality industry to make sure germs aren’t spread around to different guests.

This is why hotels are turning to BleachSafe® towels for their hotel rooms.

Here we discuss what sets BleachSafe towels apart from the competition and why hotels and other service industries are making the switch for good.