Experience the Diamond Difference
At Diamond Towel we believe the best towels don't always have to be the most expensive. We offer better towels at better prices with exceptional service. Our customers are our family and we believe they deserve the best. The Diamond DIfference is that you get a towel at the same price that lasts twice as long while receiving world class service.
Clients love our towels
One thing I love about Diamond Towel is the customer service. You always talk to a human and the team is incredible friendly and helpful. It's refreshing to see a company care about their customers and not just send you to an offsite foreign country call service.
Excellent Customer Service
"We purchased the bamboo bath sheets to put out by our pool. All I can say is WOW. Softest towels I have ever felt."
Cinda J. (Savannah, GA)
"Great towels and service! I purchased the Ultra Soft for my spas, and I have been VERY happy with how well they hold up."
Michael J. (Chicago, IL)
"I have been using Diamond Towel's black Bleach Beaters for 4 years now, and I have never been so happy. They just last and last..."
Sadonna M. (Miami, FL)
"A few of my hair stylists went to a hair show in New York and ended up bringing back a sample from Diamond Towel. Months went by and of course this towel got mixed in with all the rest of our towels. It wasn't until my salon manager brought the towel over to me and said how different it looked compared to all the rest of our towels. It was a black Beach Beater and it still looked black! All the rest of our towels were faded and worn out but not this towel. From that day forward I have only used Bleach Beaters in my salon."
Caryn T (Larkspur, CA)
"Diamond Towel is the best bang for your buck-seriously! I have been using their Bleach Beaters in my Salons for years now. They hold up well and the color hasn't faded at all. Great towels and very friendly staff."
Harold S. (San Jose, CA)
"Last year, I had 2 salons and was opening up a third. With all the crazy remodeling going on, the last thing on my mind was towels. 2 weeks before opening, I was already filling chairs when I realized I didn't have any towels! My friend Annie who is also in the industry told me about Diamond Towels. She said she uses their Bamboo towels in her spa, and the clients rant and rave about how soft they are. I called up and had my towels in 2 days. It was a miracle!"
Jenna P. (Long Island, NY)
"Black Bleach Beaters totally work. Don't bother with the other brands, because this company stands by them 100%."
Denise N (Lexington, KY)
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