About the Company


We pride ourselves on being better. That means better quality, better price and better service. These are the characteristics that always have and always will guide our business.

The story of how our company started goes back 4 generations. It all started in 1915 as a used clothing business in Massachusetts. As The Great Depression hit, times were tough so we started cutting up some of our used clothing and selling them as rags. As we sold more and more, our used clothing business turned into manufacturing recycled textiles, and Industrial Wiper was created.


In 1955 the second generation carried Industrial Wiper out to San Jose, California. The tradition continued with the third generation who expanded into safety supply and janitorial supply to accommodate our customer’s needs and requests.

As the years went by, it was time for the 4th generation to step in and make his mark on the company. Growing up in the rag business, Dan Tobin knows textiles very well. While getting his hair cut one day, he noticed the towel around his neck. It was thin, discolored and quite worn. Thinking about helping his friend who was the salon owner, he began researching towels in the industry. He wanted to create the best possible towels for the best possible price. Pair that with the best possible customer service, and Diamond Towel Company was born. Launched in September 2004, Diamond Towel was created to meet the growing demands of the health and beauty industry. These generations of knowledge and growth are what led us to our unrivaled understanding of what people expect from their towels across all industries.