Care Instructions and Washing Tips

Congratulations on purchasing your new Diamond Towels! Here are some frequently asked questions as well as some tips and tricks to washing and keeping your towels looking new and lasting longer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My new towels seem thin and flat. Is this normal?

  • Some of our towels have been compressed for shipping, so it is important to wash and dry your new towels before use. After washing and drying, your new towels will become fluffy, soft and absorbent.
  • How come my lint trap is so full after washing my new towels?
  • Our towels do not come pre-washed, and they can produce a lot of lint at first-this is normal! Make sure you keep your lint trap clean each time you dry them. This will help them dry quicker we well. If you are washing a full load of first-wash towels, you will most likely need to clean the lint trap mid-way though drying as well. The lint shedding should be less after the 3rd wash.

Can I use fabric softener?  

We do not recommend using fabric softeners on any of our towels. It can build up a film on the fibers and may prevent absorption.

  • Are there special washing instructions for darker colored towels?
  • Always wash dark towels separately in cold water prior to initial use to remove excess dyes. You may also use about a tablespoon of vinegar in the wash with any color towels to help set the color.

How do I get stains out of my bleach safe towels?

Our Bleach Beater, Bleach Beater Jr. and Color Guard towels were designed to repel stains and bleach. Our quality control department completes a 9 step testing process on each load and every color that comes into our warehouse. They are soaked with Clorox bleach, 130 volume, 40 volume, black, brown, red and blue hair dyes. After soaking for more than 4 hours, they are then washed on hot with bleach twice. If they fail our test, we reject them-it’s that simple. This is why we can guarantee they will not stain or fade. To remove stains from any of our bleach safe towels, wash them on hot with bleach. For stubborn stains, repeat washing with bleach.

How do I wash Bamboo Towels?

Our bamboo towels are made from cotton and bamboo fibers which make them naturally anti-microbial and incredibly absorbent. However you will want to wash your bamboo towels on cold/warm and dry them on medium. This will keep them soft and long-lasting.


  • Wash towels in cold water to minimize shrinkage and fading.
  • Always follow the label instructions on washing and drying
  • Close all Velcro headbands completely before washing
  • Separate dark colors to prevent color transfer