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Color Guard Hand Towel 15″x28″ Pine


The Color Guard 15″x28″ towel is 100% Ringspun Cotton, so your towel is dependable and long lasting. These Color Guard wholesale bleach and color safe salon towels offer a better dye process than a standard colored towel – meaning it will hold its color much longer. This towel’s quality makes it ideal for hair, nail and tanning salons and spas. Available in seven bold colors to choose from. 2.5lbs/dz. Sold by the dozen.

Quantity 1-9 DZ$17.99
Quantity 10-19 DZ$16.99
Quantity 20-29 DZ$15.99
Quantity 30DZ & Up+$14.99

Product Description

Our Color Guard towels are a bleach and stain proof towel made from 100% open end cotton. Open end refers to the process in which the cotton is woven-creating a fuzzier feel and can be a bit rougher. Although our Color Guard towels are not quite as soft and our Bleach Beaters, the process to make them is simpler and more efficient, therefore more environmentally friendly. This makes our Color Guard towels more economical but still guaranteed not to fade or stain. Ideal for salons looking for a great bargain. Available in seven bold colors. Sold by the dozen.

Washing instructions for the Wholesale bleach and color safe salon towels:

  • Machine Wash Hot, Warm or Cold
  • Tumble Dry
  • Wash Colors Separately
  • For Persistent Stains, Wash With Bleach In Hot Water

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