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Bleach Beater

Our Bleach Beater Collection bleach safe towels are 100% long-staple combed cotton, so your towel is soft and long lasting. Our special dye process allows our bleach and stain proof salon towels to be the best in the business. This towel’s quality makes it ideal for hair, nail and tanning salons and spas. Available in up to 6 vibrant colors and 5 sizes. Sold by the dozen.

Which one should you get? Great question! Our standard Bleach Beaters are thicker and longer. They will absorb more moisture. They are especially great for long hair. However, they will take longer to dry. Bleach Beater Jr’s are 25% thinner and one inch smaller, therefore costing you less and cutting down on drying time. If you still can’t decide, call us or email us and we can help advise you on the best option for your needs.

Irregular Bleach Beater towels in 17×29 and 18×30 will vary slightly in size, color and weight. Discounted prices available while supplies last only.  Available in black, charcoal and espresso colors only. 


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What Matters To You A Good Balance
We asked salon owners, tanning salons, and estiticians what was most important when buying towels for their business'. What they wanted were bleach and stain proof salon towels that actually worked-we delivered.
Not all cotton is the same, many soft towels don't absorb well. The cotton used in the Bleach Beater Collection provides rapid absorption without compromising softness - no softeners required.
Lasting Color
Some other brands claim to have "bleach resistant" towels, but only our Bleach Beater can be considered "bleach proof." We guarantee that these bleach and stain proof salon towels will stay true to their color for the life of the towel.
The most common point of failure on a towel is the hem. Our Bleach Beater bleach and stain proof salon towels feature double-stitched hems to insure they last up to three times as long at a competitive price.
Say goodbye to pesky bleach stained towels.
A towel is a tool that you rely on to look nice and work well, so when they're covered in bleach spots and stains they're not doing their job. Stains from hair dye, hair bleach, massage oils and other beauty products will wash out leaving your towel looking good - always! Wash our bleach and stain proof salon towels on hot with bleach to remove stubborn stains.


Longer Lasting!
Many businesses waste hundreds of dollars each year by throwing away functional towels due to unsightly stains after only months of use. The combination of our dye technology and double-stitched hems makes for a lasting towel.
No More Stains Or Fading! Perfect Looking Towels - Always.
In Comparison
A Worse Towel Every Wash Rough, Faded and Falling Apart